Deepwater is a microgrid design and control optimisation service, built to configure on-site renewables, storage and local loads in optimal ways. The service can create a custom-built control strategy for a particular site - a strategy tuned for local conditions and patterns of operation for the facility. This control can be optimised to achieve the specific goals of the user, for example: minimising energy-related emissions, minimising reliance on grid energy or minimising cost, or some combination of these.

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Design and simulation

Designing microgrids with renewable generation, storage assets and unique load profiles can be complex. Deepwater can perform countless simulations of different PV, storage and controller combinations, to determine which is best for your site. Deepwater can also create of custom-built control strategies – optimised for your specific site and consumption habits. Find out more

Commercial and industrial

Commercial and industrial facilities often have large rooftops suitable for PV arrays, for example, warehouses, shopping centres and large retail sites. Find out more

Effective emissions intensity

Deepwater to forecast the likely emissions intensity in the near future, and manage on site renewables and battery storage to minimise the effective emissions intensity. Find out more

Remote, off-grid and farming

Automatically manage scarce non-renewable resources frugally and consider a hierarchy-of-needs; which energy services are most important and get priority when supply is constrained? Find out more

Risk mitigation

Deepwater can assist during maximum-demand and extreme heat events by ensuring there is adequate charge in energy storage devices. Find out more

Energy storage

The cost of energy storage technology continues to decrease, however some challenges remain, such as how large should the storage be and how should it be controlled? Find out more


Deepwater is designed to be interoperable with existing systems and is technology agnostic. Find out more